Benjamin Lannon

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I am currently employed as a web developer and I am always learning new technologies and building new things. As a developer, I strive to create products and solutions that can empower other developers.

If you want to see the hardware / software I use, head over to my Uses Page.

Currently Tinkering With


As of September 2020

Into late 2020, I've been getting more involved in projects that are built on top of Rust so I took it upon myself to learn the language further.

Music Production

As of March 2020

Over the quarantine in 2020, I decided to take a deep dive into music production. I'm still in a very experimenting phase but looking to eventually start aranging tracks.

GitHub Actions

As of November 2018

GitHub Actions allow developers to integrate workflows into GitHub. It's a step beyond normal CI/CD and I'm testing ways of expanding ideas on how I can create tools to extend GitHub.