Benjamin Lannon

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Here are a few larger scale projects I've created.

Follow Up

Created October 2022

A workflow for me to follow up with links that I want to digest rather than just storing to a bookmark to never be viewed again.

  • AWS DynamoDB
  • Eleventy

AWS Pricing Cheatsheet

Created September 2022

A project to aggregate the high level pricing details for AWS resources I frequently use.

ES Module Checker

Created December 2021

A project to explore and analyze the adoption rate of ES Modules in the Node Ecosystem.

  • DynamoDB
  • GitHub Actions
  • Rust
  • Eleventy

Plaits Cheat Sheet

Created August 2020

A site to preview the various modes for the Modular Synth module, Mutable Instrument's Plaits.

  • Toast
  • Tailwind

2019 GitHub Actions Advent Calendar

Created December 2019

A resource site to showcase various actions & tips during the month of December 2019.

  • Gatsby
  • MDX

Created January 2019

Collaborating with Mike Vormwald, we recreated in Gatsby from previously a Jekyll site. Now we still have the benefit of writing content in markdown but have the speed and power that comes through using Gatsby and React.

  • Gatsby
  • Styled Components
  • API

VS Code Issue Tracker

Created September 2018

During September 2018, the VS Code team worked on getting the issues on their GitHub down and I wanted to see how they progressed over the month so I developed a static site that graphed said data over time. I utilized GitHub's API to get the state of the issues on an hourly basis and the end result was quite sucessful given they were able to triage about 4000 issues during that month.

  • AWS Lambda
  • C3.js
  • GitHub GraphQL API
  • Firebase

For other projects, visit my GitHub