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GitHub Actions Triggers


  • check_run: individual task of an external CI
  • check_suite: suite of tasks of an external CI
  • pull_request: Triggered on actions around PRs
  • pull_request_review: review of a PR
  • pull_request_review_comment: comment on PR in the code

GitHub Projects (Kanban boards)

  • project: general actions around a project
  • project_card: actions related to tasks with a card on a project
  • project_column: actions related to editing a column in a project

Releasing / Deployment

  • deployment: when a deployment is created or modified
  • deployment_status: when a deployment's status changes
  • page_build: pushed to a GitHub Pages branch
  • release: when a release is made or modified
  • member: when a person is added / removed as a collaborator on a repo


  • issues: general actions around an issue
  • issue_comment: comment on an issue

General Git

  • create: create a tag / branch
  • delete: delete a tag / branch
  • push: make a push of any kind (commit or tag)
  • commit_comment: someone makes a comment on a particular commit


  • schedule: trigger based on cronjob schedule
  • repository_dispatch: Webhook for 3rd party access
  • public: when a private repo goes public
  • watch: when someone stars a repo
  • fork: when a repo is forked
  • gollum: when pages in the repo's wiki are edited
  • label: actions around label modification
  • milestone: when GitHub Milestones are edited
  • status: when the CI status of a commit changes