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Software compatibility on Apple M1

I have a 2020 M1 Mac Mini and I wanted to go through what software I use and the status of them whether they work at all, run in Rosetta 2, or run natively on the M1 chip.

For an up to date look at what software is updated to support the M1 computers, I suggest taking a look at


  • NodeJS: Native
  • Rust: Native
  • VS Code: Native
  • Firefox, Chrome, Edge: All Native
  • iTerm: Native

Vid / Music Production

  • Davinci Resolve: Native
  • Premiere Pro: Native
  • Ableton Live 11: Rosetta 2
  • Loopback: Native
  • Focusrite Control: Rosetta 2
  • OBS: Rosetta 2


  • Streamdeck: Rosetta 2
  • Discord: Rosetta 2
  • Elgato Control Center: Rosetta 2
  • Zoom: Native