Live Coding on Twitch

I've been a frequent community member of the Live Coders team on Twitch and the broader live programming community. I've always had the urge to give it a shot myself, but never got to doing such until now.

Starting in June 2019, I began a livestream on I am likely to tinker around with many technologies like Gatsby, React, GitHub Actions, Docker, Node, etc. Tune in every Wednesday Evening at 4PM ET (UTC-4) at

Current Project: Tinkering with GitHub Actions

The second beta of GitHub Actions has been out for a bit now, and for the past few weeks I've been showcasing workflows I've been developing using the new ecosystem that is based on a YAML syntax for workflow files.

Stream Notes

I store notes about my stream up on Notion. This allows me to publish clean notes about the stream and have them updated in real time. If you wish to view them, head over to Lannonbr Livestream Notes on Notion.

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