Live Coding on Twitch

For years on Twitch, I was an active community member of many programming streams. Through all of it, I had the itch to try streaming myself and about halfway through 2019, I took the plunge.

In June 2019, I began livestreaming on I tinker around with many technologies like Gatsby, React, GitHub Actions, Docker, Node, etc. Tune in every Wednesday Evening at 4PM ET (UTC-4) at

I am member of the Twitch Live Coders team, an outgoing and enthusiastic group of devs that write code, teach about technology, and promote the technical community.

If you want to learn about how I run the show, take a read through my Streaming Setup post.

Stream Projects

On my stream, you will see a lot of various projects spread out focusing around three main topics: Frontend Development, Data Vizualization, and Automation. From websites and frontend resources to data collection and vizualization, I try to balance my content between developing products and tooling.