Ways to improve the validator

Create a dashboard to more easily expose the errors to Gatsby contributors / users.


  • plop in action logs at bottom of page

  • List of SiteErrorCard components

  • each card will have either a type of "HTTP Error" or "Not Gatsby Site"

  • list details about each site.

    • Title for the site
    • URL
    • creator
      • from built_by field
      • dug through git info (blame) to find the PR
    • PR that the site was added

Stretch goals

  • button for each of these cards to "auto create a PR" and notify the creator of the site about it.
    • maybe under your user
    • maybe under a bot (add some auth before allowing this)
  • live updating data
    • has it been fixed?
    • is there an open PR to fix this?
  • send "notifications" (Text, Email)